The kitchen compost collector that features: No bugs - No bags - No smells - It's your best choice for recycling organic food waste

Uses drop-in newspaper liners for clean and easy composting

Don't waste $50 to $75 a year or more on expensive paper bags! The Kitchen Cone is the clean, easy way to catch food scraps. It has a bug-stopping lid, and uses drop-in newspaper liners. Moisture from food absorbs into the paper, and then escapes into the air. Everything is allowed to dry. Dry food doesn't smell, and it's much less attractive to fruit flies.

The Kitchen Cone has a wide opening that's great for food prep and plate scraping. It's attractive on your counter, or hang it inside a cupboard door (The hanger and screws are included).

Disposal is easy; fold the top two flaps and place the neat bundle in a green bin or your home composter. No more cleaning a dirty bucket. If you want extra points for neatness, the optional method, as shown in the video, is to fold in all four of the flaps to make a completely sealed bundle. If you're in a hurry, the simple two flap fold is still the easiest and fastest method.

The bonus for home composting is that using newspaper gives you almost a perfectly balanced bundle of greens and browns. If you haven't been adding enough leaves, sawdust or wood chips to your food scraps, the carbon from the newspaper balances the food nitrogen, so it makes better compost faster.

Diverting food from landfill is great for the planet. Food in landfill doesn't compost, it turns into methane, a greenhouse gas that's 20 times worse than carbon dioxide. Keep your food out of landfill the clean and easy way; use Kitchen Cone. We've sold 5000 to your friends and neighbours, and have had great testimonials from many satisfied customers.

Kitchen Cone

Now Available at these Stores

Across Canada - Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Lee Valley stores

Can be ordered at any Home Hardware store, ask for it

Ottawa - 2 Terra20 stores

Ottawa - Capital Home Hardware

Orleans - Orleans Home Hardware

Kanata - Trudel Home Hardware, Bridlewood Home Hardware

Gravenhurst - Home Hardware

See it in action!

This is the Kitchen Cone

Loading The Kitchen Cone

Folding The Kitchen Cone

A fun video from students at Divine Infant School

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The Kitchen Cone is molded from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and should last a very long time. There's nothing to wear out, and it's dishwasher safe (no heat). It comes with the insect-proof ventilated lid, and hanger and screws for cupboard door mounting. With the hanger in place on a door, the Kitchen Cone itself can be quickly and securely attached and removed at any time.

The Kitchen Cone is only $24.95, plus applicable taxes and shipping.

If that sounds like a lot, remember that it could last 10 years, so it's really only the cost of a coffee each year. And you'll easily save the cost back in the first year, because you'll have no more bags to buy. 10 years of bags could easily be $500 or more.

Available in your choice of colour: Green or Neutral Grey.

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